• Model: DTE5#1091 59551 000 30 Dog sounding horn

"Pipy sound" Dog Training Horn for Producing Sounds


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Make Sounds with the Help of Brass Dog Horn

Do you need a reliable assistant for training your canine?
Is it difficult to attract the pet's attention?
Forget about this inconvenience with the help of this unique Brass Dog Horn, which is an irreplaceable tool for easy training. Stop disrupting your voice! Use this training supply and keep your nerves calm!

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Brass Dog Horn for Training

Train Your Dog with Sounding Brass Horn

Sounding brass Horn for Dog Training

Effective Dog Horn of Brass

Features of this dog horn:

  • frequency tunable
  • brass construction
  • influences only your dog
  • safe for human's hearing

Intended use of this dog horn:

  • dog training
  • hunting


  • weight - 3.15 oz (90 g)
  • length - 10 1/5 inch (25.5 cm)


  • brass

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Hunting dog Horn

Effective Dog Horn of Brass

If you need a gear to attract your pet's attention, these is nothing better than this Brass Dog Sounding Horn!
Use this model to make your canine perform your commands. The algorithm of the work is rather simple - produce a sound with the help of the horn and your dog's attention is all yours! The canine is ready to follow your commands. As all the dogs have "sharp" ears, this supply works as a distractor.

It is loud enough for the dog to hear and react. This dog brass horn will not harm your canine. Don't be afraid to use it while everyday training with your beloved 4-feet friend. Train daily and the results will be seen.

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