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Extra link for Herm Sprenger neck tech dog collar


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Additional link for easy lengthening of neck tech fun collar

Many dog owners who choose Herm Sprenger collars for their pets already know about the advantages of this Neck Tech Fun Stainless Steel Collar. Though it is extremely important to get the correct size of the collar for the snug fit. Pay attention that it shouldn't hang down on your dog's neck and it shouldn't be too tight as well. If your dog still grows or tends to gain weight, you won't do without extra links for your Neck Tech. You don't have to spend money on a new collar, because these extra links are specially designed for the Herm Sprenger Neck Tech Fun Stainless Steel Dog Collar. It is very easy to snap them in for extra length!

Please note, that one link will add 1 1/4 inch (3 cm) to the total length of the collar. You will need needle nose pliers to perform this action. Herm Sprenger is a trusted manufacturer, so you get a guarantee that these extra links will not to rust, tarnish or break.

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Extra links for Nech Tech dog collar

Extra links for Nech Tech Herm Sprenger dog collar

This link is made of stainless steel. This material has many advantages in comparison with the normal steel. It is resistant to oxidation (rust) and corrosion in many natural and man-made environments. Moreover, stainless steel is a very practical material. It is both aesthetically beautiful and noble. You will not regret having this stainless steel fun neck tech with links specially designed for it.

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