Chrome Plated Pinch Prong Collar with Center-Plate and Assembly Chain (3.2 mm x 23 in) Herm Sprenger

I'll start by saying the collar, as a tool for training, is GREAT (wish there was a 1/2 size link option) It really helped with my playfully hyper large breed puppy, here is the but. My boy is a light brown, with a white neckline. I purchased the , well I guess basic one, chrome. The problem is the collar turns his white scruff black, yes, black. Even after a good bath ya can still see it, faded, but, it's there. Ya know when someone wears fake jewelry there skin turns green or black, well, that's what it does to my pups white fur. Again, the collar is fine works great and would be 5 stars if not for that one problem. If ya have a light color dog make sure to spend the extra money and get a stainless steel one.

Mitchell K., 06/07/2019
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