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'Master' Neck Tech Curogan Dog Collar for Behavior Correction

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Curogan Neck Tech Collar for Efficient Training

Are you tired of your dog's misbehavior?
Is your pet difficult to control?
Are you eager to find a gear to deal will the hyperactive character of your doggy?
If so, we want to introduce you this panacea of all the above mentioned problems - neck tech collar of Curogan. With the help of this pro training item, you will be able to make your dog obey impeccably. Your pet will stop pulling, running and misbehaving forever if this corrosion neck tech collar is used. Try this wonderful supply and you will bring up the most calm and obedient doggy in the world!

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Strong Neck Tech Dog Collar with Secure Buckle

Curogan Neck Tech Dog Collar with Click Lock Buckle

Curogan Neck Tech Dog Collar with Quick-Release Buckle

Quick-Release Neck Tech Dog Collar of Curogan

Key Features of this Neck Tech Dog Collar:

  • high-quality materials
  • rust resistant metal
  • click lock buckle
  • consists of 14 links
  • extra strong item
  • royal gold-like color

Intended use of this Neck Tech Dog Collar:

  • dog training
  • walking
  • vet visiting
  • traveling

Sizes available:

  • 24 inch (60 cm) in length
  • 8.8 oz (250 g) in weight


  • Curogan
Safe Neck Tech Dog Collar of Curogan Alloy

Safe Neck Tech Curogan Dog Collar for Training

This dog training supply is an efficient behavior correction item while daily walking, professional training, vet visiting and even traveling. Being manufactured by Herm Sprenger Company, the gear is of supreme quality, extreme durability and maximum service life. The collar is provided with special prongs on the inner part of the product, are similar to the teeth of mother-dog, pinching to the dog's neck correctly. Thus, your beloved four-legged friend understands that he makes something wrong on a gut level. Moreover, the prongs are absolutely safe for your pet's fur. You can put this gear even on a long-haired dog breed and be sure the item will not spoil the awesome coat of your dog.

Herm Sprenger Neck Tech Dog Collar

Herm Sprenger Neck Tech Dog Collar for Training

What is so special about this Neck Tech collar?

This neck tech dog collar is produced of curogan. This alloy is world known for its resistance to rust and corrosion. Thus, you shouldn't be afraid to walk or train your pet in wet weather as it is water-proof. Even if the collar contacts with water for a long time, it will not be spoiled.
The collar consists of 14 links with special prongs on the inside part of the gear. The prongs are made to create the natural effect of dog's teeth, so your pet will not feel much pain. Pay attention that if your pet needs a bigger collar, you can order an additional link to this product.

Also, this product is very convenient to use. The collar has a special click lock buckle, with the help of which you can free your pet easily if necessary.

This Herm Sprenger Neck Tech Curogan Dog Collar will be the best choice for your dog if you need:

  • to change your choke chain collar as it is of no use any more
  • to educate your dog to behave well
  • to find a slip collar that is safe for your beloved doggy
  • to get total control over your pet

  • Please, be aware!
    We highly recommend to have a precise supervision over your pet while using it to avois unwanted results.
    Be careful while choosing the size of the collar - it shouldn't be too large or small.
    Put the collar on your dog behind his ears and under his jaw line.

    Note! Curogan collars should work for other colors of fur. It is anti-allergic and it is ok for all dogs, except for those with white fur. Stainless steel collars should be offered for dogs with white fur.

    Check out metal collar

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